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Anaheim Bail Bonds – Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been on the wrong side of a criminal case or you are simply looking for the best in the business, finding how to locate a defense lawyer in Orange County Ca will help in any area of legal representation when you have charges leveled against you. While your rights as a citizen mean a lawyer will be appointed for you automatically, many prefer to hire a private attorney for specific needs or more personal service. Finding the ideal candidate is a balance of several factors, including financial capacity, availability, and general strategy for trial procedures. Though many attorneys market themselves aggressively through television ads, billboards, and the phone book, carefully consider the options rather than automatically choosing a big name. One of the benefits of hiring a criminal defense attorney is that you may be able to pay a lower premium to your Santa Ana bail bonds agent.

Regardless of the severity of a criminal charge, every person will benefit having a criminal defense attorney on their side. Some attorneys may not even provide representation through court, but can still aid in understanding the charges filed as well as the defense capabilities and the legal procedure. A defense attorney will consult with your situation and recommend several options, such as taking a plea bargain from prosecutors or taking the case to full blown trial by jury. Obviously, the more serious the charge, the more a defendant will benefit from a competent and experienced lawyer.

The cost of an attorney can be very different from location to location and the nature of the filed charges. Of course, a complex case or a case with severe allegations and repercussions will require a larger retainer or a higher billing fee than a simple misdemeanor case. If your attorney believes the best shot at a favorable outcome is through a trial, his or her expenses will be considerably larger than if the attorney believes that the entire case can be dismissed in pretrial or negotiated out during a plea bargain. A misdemeanor case may have a retainer as low as several thousand dollars for the comprehensive procedure from start to finish; a felony case is nearly always more expensive. A retainer for a life felony, such as homicide and sexual assault, may be upwards of fifty thousand dollars. If the attorney believes that a trial is the best chance of a favorable verdict, the cost for expert witnesses to testify may be several thousand dollars on top. If you’re in Orange County and you’ve been arrested, and then bailed out by an Anaheim Bail Bonds agent, you’ll have more time to plan your defense strategy with your attorney.

Defendants must be careful about retainer agreements. Some attorneys know they can put the squeeze on their clients by having them sign a retainer agreement carrying additional fees for trial procedures; some clients find they have no choice but to enter a guilty plea if an unscrupulous attorney demands a fee they cannot afford to go to trial. Although you should spare no expense in your criminal defense, you should also ensure you know what services you are receiving up front, as well as the exact amount of money you will be paying.

Finding a good lawyer can be difficult, as most people are unfamiliar with the majority of legal proceedings and overwhelmed by the thought of their criminal charges. Most attorneys gain clients through referrals from previous customers; successful court cases or negotiation results in word of mouth press that can quickly reinforce or weaken an attorney’s reputation. If you work for a company with a legal department, odds are very good that one of the lawyers in the company can direct you to a criminal defense firm. Occasionally some public defenders will even recommend private offices if they are busy with other cases or do not believe they are capable of assembling a defense to rival their counterparts.